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Self-control strategies are cognitive and behavioral skills used by individuals to maintain self-motivation and achieve personal goals. Initially the skills may be learned from a therapist, text, or self-help book. However, the individual is responsible for using these skills in real-life situations to produce the desired changes.

There are many varieties of self-control strategies. Other terms for self-control strategies are behavioral self-control training, cognitive self-regulation, and self-management techniques. In recent years, the term "self-management" has replaced "self-control," because self-control implies changing behavior through sheer willpower. Self-management, on the other hand, involves becoming aware of the natural processes that affect a particular behavior and consciously altering those processes, resulting in the desired behavior change.


Most people who decide to use self-control strategies are dissatisfied with a certain aspect of their lives. For example, they may feel they smoke too much, exercise too little, or have difficulty controlling anger. Self-control strategies are useful for a wide range of concerns, including medical (such as diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, incontinence, or obesity ), addictions (such as drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, gambling, or eating disorders), occupational (such as study habits, organizational skills, or job productivity), and psychological (such as stress , anxiety, depression, excessive anger, hyperactivity, or shyness). If symptoms are severe, self-control strategies may be used in conjunction with other therapies, but should not be the only form of treatment.

The goal of self-control strategies is to reduce behavioral deficiencies or behavioral excesses. Behavioral deficiencies occur when an individual does not engage in a positive, desirable behavior frequently enough. The result is a missed future benefit. For example, a student who rarely studies may not graduate. Behavioral excesses occur when an individual engages in negative, undesirable behavior too often. This results in a negative future consequence. For example, a person who smokes may develop lung cancer.

In the case of behavioral deficiencies, one may fail to engage in a desirable behavior because it does not provide immediate gratification. With behavioral excesses, there is usually some type of immediate gratification and no immediate negative consequence. Self-control strategies help individuals to become aware of their own patterns of behavior and to alter those patterns (usually by creating artificial rewards or punishments) so that the behavior will be more or less likely to occur.


Theoretical bases for self-control strategies

Self-control strategies are based primarily on the social cognitive theory of Albert Bandura. According to Bandura, one's behavior is influenced by a variety of factors, including one's own thoughts and beliefs, and elements in the environment. Bandura proposed that certain beliefs, self-efficacy and outcome expectancies, are important factors in determining which behaviors an individual will attempt, and how motivated the individual will be when engaging in those behaviors. Self-efficacy is one's belief about how well he or she can perform a given task, regardless of that person's actual ability. Outcome expectancies are what the person believes will happen as a result of engaging in a certain behavior. If self-efficacy and outcome expectancies are inaccurate, the individual may experience behavioral deficits or excesses.

Donald Meichenbaum developed the idea of self-instructional training, which is a major part of self-control strategies. Meichenbaum believed that learning to control behavior begins in childhood, based on parental instruction. Children eventually control their own behavior by mentally repeating the instructions of their parents. These internal instructions may be positive or negative. Self-instructional training teaches individuals to become aware of their self-statements, evaluate whether these self-statements are helpful or hindering, and replace maladaptive self-statements with adaptive ones.

Frederick Kanfer suggested that individuals achieve self-control by using a feedback loop consisting of continuous monitoring, evaluating, and reinforcing of their own behavior. This loop occurs naturally in everyone. However, the loop can be maladaptive if (a) only negative factors are noticed and positive factors are ignored during the monitoring phase, (b) standards are unrealistic during the evaluation phase, or (c) responsibility is accepted for negative behaviors but not for positive behaviors during the reinforcement phase. Self-control strategies help individuals to be aware of these phases and to make the appropriate changes in monitoring, evaluation, and reinforcement.

Development of a self-control program

Self-control strategies are often taught in treatment centers, group or individual therapies, schools, or vocational settings. However, self-control programs may also be designed without the help of a professional, especially if the problem being addressed is not severe. The use of professionals, at least initially, may increase the likelihood that the program will succeed. Following are the necessary steps for creating a self-control program:

  • Making a commitment. A plan cannot succeed unless one is committed to following through. Ways of increasing commitment level include listing the benefits of adhering to the program, telling others about one's intentions, posting written reminders of commitments around one's home, putting a significant amount of time and energy into designing the program, and planning ways to deal with obstacles ahead of time.
  • Identifying the problem. The behavior in need of change is referred to as the target behavior or the controlled behavior. A precise definition of the target behavior is a crucial first step. This is usually done by keeping detailed records about when, where, and how the behavior occurs for one to two weeks. The record-keeping should also focus on other competing behaviors that may be interfering with the target behavior. For example, for a person who is trying to cut down on calorie consumption, a competing behavior would be eating high-calorie snack foods. It is important to note the antecedents and consequences of the target and competing behaviors; in other words, what typically occurs immediately before (antecedents) and after (consequences) these behaviors? The antecedents and consequences are factors that influence the occurrence of the behavior. Sometimes just the process of record-keeping alters the target behavior by increasing the individual's awareness of what he or she is doing.
  • Setting a goal. Once the target behavior has been defined, the individual must decide in what way that behavior should be changed. The goal should be specific so that future progress can be measured. This may entail listing circumstances or behaviors that must be present, as well as to what degree they must be present, in order for a goal to be achieved. For example, a goal to "reduce hyperactivity" in a grade-school student is vague. "Remaining in seat for seven out of fourteen half-hour periods daily" is much more specific. Indicating a time frame in which the goal can realistically be achieved is also recommended. Goals should be realistic. It is better to set a small goal and progress to bigger goals than to set a big goal and become quickly discouraged.
  • Applying self-control strategies. The self-control strategies are known as controlling behaviors. Choice of strategies will depend on the target behavior. Types of strategies are discussed later.
  • Self-monitoring. While using the self-control strategies, one should continue to keep records regarding the occurrence of the target behavior. Keeping written records is essential for determining if the strategies are effective. If one is gradually meeting the goal requirements, the strategies can be assumed effective. If little progress towards the goal is evident, either the strategies are being used incorrectly, or the strategies are ineffective and should be changed. Self-monitoring can be done informally (for instance, by making notes on an index card) or formally (by using pre-designed data sheets). In any case, self-monitoring should gather the necessary information, but should not become too lengthy or complex. The individual will lose motivation to continue monitoring if the procedures are overly time-consuming or inconvenient.
  • Making revisions as necessary. Based on the information gathered during self-monitoring, the individual decides if changes in the plan are necessary. One advantage of self-control programs is that the individual chooses the strategies that will work best for him or her. This freedom of choice increases the likelihood that the individual will adhere to the program. Therefore, self-control programs should always be flexible and adaptable.

Types of self-control strategies

Self-control strategies can be grouped into three broad categories:

ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES. Environmental strategies involve changing times, places, or situations where one experiences problematic behavior. Examples include:

  • changing the group of people with whom one socializes
  • avoiding situations or settings where an undesirable behavior is more likely to occur
  • changing the time of day for participating in a desirable behavior to a time when one will be more productive or successful

BEHAVIORAL STRATEGIES. Behavioral strategies involve changing the antecedents or consequences of a behavior. Examples include:

  • increasing social support by asking others to work towards the same or a similar goal
  • placing visual cues or reminders about one's goal in one's daily environment
  • developing reinforcers (rewards) for engaging in desirable behaviors or punishers for engaging in undesirable behaviors
  • eliminating naturally occurring reinforcers for undesirable behavior
  • engaging in alternative, positive behaviors when one is inclined to engage in an undesirable behavior
  • creating ways to make a desirable behavior more enjoyable or convenient
  • scheduling a specific time to engage in a desirable behavior
  • writing a behavioral contract to hold oneself accountable for carrying out the self-control program

COGNITIVE STRATEGIES. Cognitive strategies involve changing one's thoughts or beliefs about a particular behavior. Examples include:

  • using self-instructions to cue oneself about what to do and how to do it
  • using self-praise to commend oneself for engaging in a desirable behavior
  • thinking about the benefits of reaching one's goal
  • imagining oneself successfully achieving a goal or using imagery to distract oneself from engaging in an undesirable behavior
  • substituting positive self-statements for unproductive, negative self-statements

In a therapeutic setting, self-control strategies are usually taught in weekly group sessions over a period of several weeks. The sessions typically include an educational lecture regarding a specific strategy, group discussion of how the strategy should be applied and how to cope with potential obstacles (relapse prevention), role-plays or rehearsal of the strategy, a review of the session, and a homework assignment for further practice. Sessions usually focus on one type of strategy at a time. Preferably, an individual should master one strategy before attempting another. After the series of training sessions are complete, the individual is responsible for implementing the strategies in daily life.


Relapse is a concern in any therapeutic situation. Current research suggests that individuals are more likely to continue using newly learned self-control strategies if they have periodic follow-up contact with a professional or other designated person. The contact serves at least three purposes: (1) a source of accountability, (2) review of strategy use to ensure proper application, and(3) discussion of problematic situations and development of plans to overcome these situations.


Self-control strategies are especially prone to short-circuiting of contingencies. This refers to the tendency for individuals to partake of reinforcers at inappropriate occasions, or to avoid punishers designated in their plan. If contingencies are short-circuited, the desired behavior change is unlikely to occur.

Relapse is another risk involved in self-control strategies. Causes of relapse include: (a) a poorly defined target behavior (progress cannot be recognized); (b) unrealistic or long-term goals without immediate sources of reinforcement; (c) failure to anticipate and plan for obstacles to goal-achievement; (d) overreaction to occasional setbacks; (e) negative self-talk, especially when one feels goals are not being satisfactorily met; (f) failure to use desirable or frequent reinforcers; (g) ineffective consequences for undesirable behavior; and (h) an inaccurate or unnecessarily complex monitoring system.

Normal results

Ideally individuals will use self-control strategies independently in their everyday surroundings to meet their designated goal. They will decrease behavioral deficiencies and excesses, engaging in desirable behaviors more often, or engaging in undesirable behaviors less frequently or not at all.

Abnormal results

If the self-control strategies are ineffective or used improperly, individuals may show no changes or increases in behavioral deficiencies or excesses.

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DisciplineXgames Adherence Competitions FAQs


Q. What is an Adherence competition?

A. Adherence competitions focus primarily on how long you can maintain your goals. Players compete to see who can to stay the course with their chosen behaviour for longer than others in their game . eg 5000 steps per week.

Q. How long does a competition last?

A. The competitions are typically run indefinitely, as the aim of this type of intervention is to instil a new lifestyle habit through competition. For some games like weight loss a defined end period can be chosen, eg loose 5% in 6 months.

 Q How often are you assessed?

A. There is a weekly review period starting from Monday to Sunday, which is the period of time you have available to complete your minimum commitments.

Q. When can I join a competition?

A. Competitions always begin on a Monday but you can join any day of the week preceding the next Monday in a practice capacity.

Q. Who can organise a competition?

A. Anyone can organize a competition and invite friends and family members to participate.

Q. How do I invite people to join my competition?

A. You can invite your friends and family to join your DisciplineXgames challenge from your dashboard. Invitations are sent to potential participants via email.

Q. Can I do a competition on my own?

A. Yes you can compete against yourself if you prefer, but we encourage competition against others as we have found that users who do compete with friends and family are 3x more likely to achieve their goals. Plus, if you win your challenge in a group you may win some additional cash. If you do it alone there is no additional cash to win other than your own competition entry fee.


Q. If I don’t have people to join my competition how can I participate with others?

A. We offer public competitions for people with similar goals. Anyone can join one of these competitions, by using the ‘Find a Team’ search function on the homepage.  

Q. What happens if I need to drop out of a challenge that I’ve joined or started?

A. We understand that sometimes things come up, but do remember these types of games are designed to see if you can balance the competing interests in your life. As your entry fee is used to pay for the prizes of those who maintain their goals for long than you, you can’t drop out mid-competition without a 51% agreement from other players in the game. Theirs a poll voting function in each of the games which helps you manage an exist should you need to, however it totally at the discretion of the others in your games, so choose your opponents wisely.


Q: What if I want to permanently delete my account?

A: Please email us at and we will handle the request. It would be great if you could let us know why you want to leave so we can learn how to make it better.


DisciplineXgames Competition Entry Fee FAQs


Q. What is a competition entry fee?

A. The fee charged to all players who join a cash prize competition game, this is use to cover the cost of running the platform and fund the cash prizes.

Q. What is the minimum that I can charge for players to join a game?

A. You don't have to play for money, but if you do the lowest competition entry fee amount is £5. If you are invited to join a friend’s competition then you will need to pay the amount that they have set.

Q. What happens if I win my competition?

A. If you win, you keep your competition entry fee and win a share of the cash prize pot if you are doing the competition with others.

Q. Is it winner-takes-all?

A. No, It’s a tournament structure, so everyone who stays in the competition wins a share of the available forfeiture pot at the end of each week.

Q. What happens if I lose my competition?

A. If you lose you forfeit your competition entry fee money and the winners in your competition share the pot.

Q. Does DisciplineXgames take a share of the winnings?

A. DisciplineXgames takes 17% of the pot to cover it’s expenses to run the competitions, maintain and improve the software and pay banking and credit card fees. 

Q. What happens if everyone in the team meets their goal and wins the challenge?

A. Everyone receives their original entry fee money back minus 17%.

Q. How do I redeem my DisciplineXgames winnings?

A. You can redeem your DisciplineXgames winnings by transferring them to your bank account once you have at least £25 in your balance. We set this amount to ensure that we can cover the fees we need to pay banks to transfer money.

Q. Do you support international credit cards and bank accounts?

A. We do support international credit cards but not yet bank accounts. We can currently handle transactions in US, Euro and GBP – meaning there may be fees from your bank on currency conversion if you choose to use another currency. We are looking to increase our international currency support in the future as well as to support international bank accounts. 

DisciplineXgames Platform & App Tracker FAQs


Q: What Device and Apps do you support?

A.     We support an ever growing array of apps and device, which is changing daily. The best place to see our full list of tested Service Partner is on the home page

Q: How do I sync my device or app to the DisciplineXgames platform?

A.     You’ll be prompted through a series of steps when you accept a competition invite. You can also do this through your Dashboard > Profile > My Apps & Devices

Q: What should I do if my gadget is not syncing?

A: First open your gadget or apps account to make sure you are seeing the latest information there and you have synced recently. Allow for 15 mins to lapse to allow for the DisciplineXgames server to collect the latest data form your gadget or app providers server. If you still don’t see the data in DisciplineXgames go to your Profile > Connect Device and disconnect your gadget and then reconnect/authenticate the gadget. If you are still having problems let us know at support@feedback  and we can assist you.



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disciplineXgames may terminate User's Account, if the Account's not accessed for over 24 months will be purged. The Site also reserves the right to terminate your account or decline or limit your participation in any site activity for any reason, including, but not limited to harassment of other participants, posting of offensive material, making libelous statements, or any breach of the terms of the agreement between you and the Site, and any breach of the security of your account or the Site. Any violation of disciplineXgames Terms and Conditions by player and/or affiliate that includes but is not limited to spamming, promotion of illegal, offensive, pornographic material/content or any promotion of competing game sites will immideately result in termination of account(s), forfeiture of any previously earned and future pending referral fees as well as liability for any additional damages suffered by disciplineXgames as a result of the above actions including attorney fees and associated court costs. By registering for an account and/or participating in any tournament offered on the Site, you consent to allow the Site to access your account information to investigate complaints or other allegations of abuse.




User agrees that disciplineXgames shall not be responsible or liable for any unauthorized access to, delay, alteration or use of User's account, transmissions or data, any material or data sent or received or not sent or received, or any Indirect Transaction entered into through the Service or any Indirect Product received pursuant to any Indirect Transaction. User agrees that disciplineXgames is not responsible or liable for any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive, illegal or other content or conduct of any other User or third party or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights.


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Self-control strategies are cognitive and behavioral skills used by individuals to maintain self-motivation and achieve personal goals. Initially the skills may be learned from a therapist, text, or self-help book. However, the individual is responsible for using these skills in real-life situations to produce the desired changes.There are many varieties of self-control strategies. Other terms for self-control strategies are behavioral self-control training, cognitive self-regulation, and self-management techniques. In recent years, the term "self-management" has replaced "self-control," because self-control implies changing behavior through sheer willpower. Self-management, on the other hand, involves becoming aware of the natural processes that affect a particular behavior and consciously altering those processes, resulting in the desired behavior change.PurposeMost people who decide to use self-control strategies are dissatisfied with a certain aspect of their li..

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  • Build a support network of like minded players
  • Social Networking

Structural Motivation

  • Incentives which mean something to the individual
  • Natural market forces - ‘Exchange’ based involvement

Personal Ability

  • Qualified through ‘Self-Efficacy’
  • Benchmarked and assessed through NHS guidance

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  • Peers provide encouragement
  • Groups foster accountability
  • Shared experiences

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